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Natura Restaurant

Food to take away all year you can choose from a wide range of snacks and pizzas (individual or family size) and our spectacular paellas and noodle dishes .

In Spa Natura we regularly plant vegetables using ecological farming methods. Different kinds of lettuce,

cabbage, eggplant, peppers, zucchini,

radishes, carrots, tomatoes, beets

besides numerous aromatic-, medicinal

- and seasonary



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Opening hours restaurant:
Summer: 13h to 16h and from 19.30h to 23h
Winter: 12.30h to 16h and from 18.30 to 22h.

Enjoy your breakfast at the pool in the Spa Natura.

You can taste our tapas, our snacks (sándwiches cold and warm, hamburger, etc.) as well as our homemade dishes and pizzas.


You will have fun with our animation shows, live musik and dancing throughout the year.


In the Spa Natura we offer special menus for weddings, christenings, communiones and birthdays at affordable prices. Book your event in time Tel: 964475480 and get ready to have a lot of fun.

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