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Health, Nature and Adventure


  Spa Natura, is located in the vicinity of the orchard of Peñiscola, 
by the sea, close to the Nature Reserve and Water Conservation Park 
of the Sierra de Irta..
Discover us in order to enjoy in Peñiscola and in the Spa Natura 
all year long our getaways and family vacations with pet outdoor,
 in touch with nature however you decide.

Welcome to the Resort

Beaches or virgin coves the decision is difficult, a matter of taste.
Natural Park and Marine Reserve of the Sierra de Irta

Feel the benefits of spring wáter from our Spa and enjoy 
Ecotourism and a pleasant,
natural and unforgettable stay.

The animation team of the Spa Natura aims to fulfill your illusions and has prepared surprises for both weekend getaways and family vacations.

Forum of the camping spa natura
here you will find news
meet a paddle, campers forum

Your opinion

 Because we improve with your comments, we are very interested in telling us that such has been your experience with us

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